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What About Sesame? Do No Nuts bars contain sesame seeds? - No Nuts!

What About Sesame? Do No Nuts bars contain sesame seeds?

No Nuts! bars do NOT contain Sesame or Sesame based ingredients. The facility that makes No Nuts! bars may use Sesame in other products made from time to time. Preparation and packing lines are purged after every production run and checked for contamination before producing No Nuts! bars

The U.S. Food & Drug Administration does not list Sesame as a major food allergen or require it to be highlighted separately on the label. The Act defines a major food allergen as one of the following: milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, wheat, peanuts and soybeans. We do not list Sesame as an allergen on our label because our No Nuts! bars don’t contain Sesame.

Please note that new findings of research submitted to the FDA in August of 2019 show that fewer than ½ of 1% of us have a Sesame allergy. This may not sound like much, but based on total population, that’s 1.6 million people.

No Nuts, LLC created No Nuts! protein and energy bars to offer great tasting not-free, gluten free and cholesterol snacks that almost anyone can enjoy. We take our label as seriously as our taste and nut-free promise. Our label lists all ingredients while highlighting soy protein content. We will be adding another highlight regarding the presence of other products that may contain sesame, made in the same facility. Always read all food labels carefully.

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