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No Nuts! protein + energy bars

Why No Nuts?

What do you do with a growing kid who’s allergic to nuts? You read the ingredients on everything. Walnuts, almonds, peanuts, pecans, hazelnuts. You name it.  You put the word out to friends and teachers “NO NUTS!”, every snack and treat has to be 100% nut free. And mostly that means snacks that taste ‘Blah’.

So we did something about it. We made No Nuts! Snack Bars that taste fantastic. Guess what? Nobody misses the nuts. No Nuts! Snack Bars are chewy and crunchy and tasty and full of protein, fiber and carbs to energize anyone’s day. Without the nuts.

Chocolate Chip

Classic chocolate chip flavor that everybody will love. A sweet smooth crunch and a chocolate coated bottom that puts you over the top! Always NUT-FREE!



Lemon Créme

Creamy-crisp lemon that’s so good you’ll make it your own. A smooth crunch and tart, sweet flavor, with a vanilla coated bottom to finish it off. Always NUT FREE!



Blueberry & Vanilla

The blueberry taste your mouth will love, with that smooth crunch of satisfaction sitting on a sweet vanilla bottom. So Good! Always NUT FREE!


Caramel Mocha

Smooth caramel with a punch of mocha espresso. Is it crunchy? Is it chewy? You decide. All riding on a chocolate bottom to finish the treat. Always NUT FREE!


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We are so confident that you will love everything about No Nuts! protein+energy bars that we guarantee you’ll be satisfied with the quality and condition of every bar. If something is not quite right with the 8-bar variety pack we sent you, simply return the remaining unopened bars and we’ll send you a new 8-bar pack absolutely FREE.

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