No Nuts! Notes - Answers to Popular Questions - No Nuts!

No Nuts! Notes - Answers to Popular Questions

No Nuts Notes:  

No Nuts! protein + energy bars are an instant hit on store shelves. Consumers and kids with food allergies are finally getting great tasting nut-free snack bars, and nearly everybody raves about the great taste, flavors, and chewy crunch of No Nuts!. They’re hungry to know more about our bars, so here are some answers to questions we’ve been asked.*  


Where's the Protein? 

No Nuts! bars contain several strong non-GMO sources of protein.

- Soy Protein Isolate is a great alternative to meat protein and is useful in reducing cholesterol. Unlike many others, ours is organic and non-acid washed, so purity is maintained.

- Pea Protein Crisps are 60% energy-boosting protein. They are Gluten Free and 100% vegan. They are rich in amino acids to help maintain the body in a muscle-building state.

- No Nuts! Sunflower Seed Butter has 20% of the total protein in a No Nuts! bar, and has more unsaturated fat, magnesium, zinc, iron and vitamin E than the same amount of peanut butter.

- Rice Protein is derived from plant based amino acid enzymes that are GMO-free.  

What about Carbs and Fiber? 

- Tapioca Starch is 88% pure carbs. It is derived from the Cassava root and is a great Gluten-free alternative to wheat and other grains.

- Polydextrose is a multi-purpose carbohydrate used to replace sugar and fat. Polydextrose has been shown to be effective in reducing calorie intake and is often used as a prebiotic.

- Chicory Root Fiber, also known as Inulin, is a soluble prebiotic fiber which occurs naturally in many vegetables and is isolated from the roots of chicory plants. It is also used in gluten-free breads.

- Whole Grain Oats are unrefined grains. The bran and germ have not been removed through milling. Whole grains are a much better source of fiber and other important nutrients than refined grains.

What is an Energy Bar, Anyway? 

We say an “ENERGY BAR” should have at least 50% of its combined recommended daily value in the form of Protein, Fiber, and Carbs. No Nuts bars have 10% value of carbs, 32% of dietary fiber, and 13% of protein. That adds up to 55% to energize your day.


Protein and Growing Kids:

Proteins are important for kids, and are found in milk, eggs, cheese, fish and meat products. The 12 grams of protein in a No Nuts! bar can be a valuable replacement for the missing sources of protein in an allergenic child’s diet. 


It's All on the Label:

When you buy bars and snacks for protein, fiber or carbs, read the labels. Look for what’s in them. Also look for what’s not in them. Like peanuts, tree nuts, dairy products, eggs, and gluten. You won’t find these in No Nuts! bars. We promise you won’t miss them.  


Visit our web site to learn more.


It’s Time for Something Better.  

Thank You.


*Data and information compiled from,,, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and USDA Dietary Guidelines 2015-2020  
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