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Flying with Nut Allergies: Stay Safe with These Tips - No Nuts!

Flying with Nut Allergies: Stay Safe with These Tips

Air travel can be stressful, and for those of us with nut allergies, it adds another layer of concern. However, with careful planning and these helpful strategies, we can manage our nut allergies effectively while flying.

Key Takeaways:

  • Contact airlines about allergy policies pre-flight
  • Pack safe, nut-free snacks like No Nuts! bars
  • Carry necessary medications and medical documentation
  • Wipe down seating areas during pre-boarding
  • Respond to allergic reactions appropriately and seek medical advice post-flight

Before Your Flight

Communicating with the Airline Notify your airline about your allergy well in advance. This could make all the difference in how they prepare for your journey. It's crucial to understand and discuss the airline's policies regarding allergens. Looking up more tips can also ease the trip – take a look at our No-nuts travel guide.

Preparing Your Nut-Free Snacks Don't rely on airline food when you have a nut allergy. Instead, pack your own safe, nut-free snacks. We recommend our No Nuts Protein Snack Bars Nut-Free Variety Pack, which are made with nut-free ingredients and provide great taste and energy for your journey.

No Nuts Protein Snack Bars Nut-Free Variety Pack

Medical Preparations Always carry your necessary medications – epinephrine auto-injectors, for example – and have a doctor's note to explain their medical necessity. Additionally, consider travel insurance that covers allergy-related incidents.

At the Airport

Security Precautions Know the TSA guidelines for traveling with medications to ensure a smooth security check. Keep your doctor's note and medications accessible.

Navigating the Airport Food Scene It may be challenging to find nut-free options at the airport, so consider bringing additional snacks for longer layovers. Our No Nuts! Lemon Creme bars are a delicious treat that's easy to pack and carry.

No Nuts! Lemon Creme bars

On the Plane

Pre-Boarding Checks If possible, board the plane early to wipe down your seat and tray table with disinfectant wipes. Minimize the risk of coming into contact with nut residues.

In-Flight Strategies Request a 'buffer zone' around your seat if the airline allows it. Additionally, communicate your needs to the flight attendants clearly, and don't be shy about reminding your fellow passengers if necessary. Our No Nuts Caramel Mocha bars can serve as a sweet, safe snack while onboard.

No Nuts! Nut-Free Chocolate Caramel Mocha

Post-Flight Tips

Dealing with Allergic Reactions Be vigilant and prepared to manage any symptoms. Know when and where to seek medical attention should you need it after landing.

Reviewing Your Experience Provide feedback to the airline regarding their handling of your allergy, and keep notes for future reference on what worked well and what didn't.


We understand the challenges that come with nut allergies and air travel. By staying vigilant and preparing, we can manage our allergies effectively. Share your own tips and join the dialogue by reading about Life with a Peanut Allergy.

Travel hassle-free with our nut-free snack options. Check out our No Nuts! 4-Pack Sampler for a variety of flavors tailored to your needs.

No Nuts! Pack Sampler

Remember, travel safely, and let's keep the skies friendly for everyone, including those of us with nut allergies.

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